General Education & Major Courses

General Education & Major Courses

1. General Education

Many of our courses satisfy several requirements for the General Education Program, including area E (Culture and Thought), area G (Literature), and the Writing Requirement. Because of our interdisciplinary focus and our emphasis on writing, most of our courses satisfy not only the Writing Requirement, but  also other areas than the Literature requirement. For example, some courses also cover the European traditions requirement, the world culture requirement, the ethnicity requirement, and, even, the science requirement and the social science requirement.

To view the approved courses for General Education, please see the list in the Download Box below.

To view the learning objectives of various areas of the General Education Program most relevant to our courses, please see the GE assessment website.

2. Major Requirements:

To view the approved courses for Comparative Literature Upper-Division in Areas C and D (of major as of Fall 2013), and the fields available for area E of the Interdisciplinary track (effective fall 2013), please see the approved courses list in the Download Box below.

Please note that Literature courses that are not on the approved list can always be petitioned to count towards various areas of the Comparative Literature Major.

Comparative Literature, Area C & D Approved Courses (Fall 2019)

Comparative Literature Courses with General Education Credits

Comparative Literature 2022-2023 Tentative Course List