Welcome to the Comparative Literature Program!

If you have an independent mind, an interest in global perspectives, and a commitment to the study of world literatures, you will find your intellectual home in our program. Comparative Literature majors take a global approach to the study of literature, crossing national and cultural boundaries, while also crossing disciplines. They have the flexibility to tailor a sequence of courses to their own interests and to learn about diverse approaches to literature from ancient to modern times.


Video Presentation Featuring Student Testimonials

Don't miss the short video presentation of our program, which features testimonials by graduate and undergraduate students who share their perspectives on comparative literature as an inspiring field of studies and the relationships they have forged between literature and other spheres of artistic and scientific endeavor.


The Comparative Literature Major Offers Two Emphases

Multilingual Emphasis

Students conduct in-depth study of literature in the original language(s)

Interdisciplinary Emphasis

Students explore cross-disciplinary issues and relationships between literature and the arts, social sciences, or the natural and physical sciences.


Comparative Literature Department Offers Two Minors

Comparative Literature

Modeled on the majors, above.

Translation Studies

an innovative minor combining students' interests in language, interpretation, adaptation, and cross-cultural endeavors with practical training in the art of translation.

For more information, please browse the pages devoted to each of these topics, which will help you understand the requirements for the comparative literature program, build a course of study tailored to your intellectual goals, prepare for your semester or year of study abroad, and discover the types of career you can pursue.