Senior Honors Program

Senior Honors Program in Comparative Literature


The Honors Program in Comparative Literature provides academically talented and highly motivated undergraduates the opportunity to engage in advanced scholarly research under the guidance of a faculty advisor. To qualify for the program, students must maintain a grade-point average of 3.5 (overall and in the major) and have completed at least two quarters of junior credits at UCSB. Honors students receive extended library privileges, increased priority for class registration, and opportunities to enroll in graduate seminars.


To earn departmental senior honors, the student will work with a professor of his/her choice for two quarters to complete a senior honors thesis (an extended research project, the minimum length is 30 pages), while enrolled in Comparative Literature 199 (Independent Studies) or Comparative Literature 196H (Senior Honors Independent Research). Completion of C LIT 196H will not be applied to the major and will be taken additional to the major requirements.

Students interested in earning departmental honors should consult with the Faculty and Staff Undergraduate Advisors in Comparative Literature as early as possible in their academic career. They should plan to establish contact with a faculty member who will serve as their research advisor no later than fall quarter of their senior year. To officially enter the program they must fill out the Honors proposal form (see button below).

Students who complete departmental honors before the end of their senior year, earn at least a grade of A- on their senior honors thesis, and maintain a GPA of 3.5 (overall and in the major) until graduation will receive the notation of “Distinction in the Major” on their official transcript and diploma.


Contact our Undergraduate Advisor or visit Phelps 4206C.

Please note that you do not need to be enrolled in the College of Letters and Sciences Honors Program in order to complete a senior Honors Thesis in Comparative Literature.

College of Letters and Science Honors Program

For information about the College of Letters and Science Honors Program, please go to their website. Students are encouraged to apply to this program as early as possible in their college careers. If you have questions about the College's Honors Program, please contact

Comparative Literature Honors Proposal Form (C LIT 196H)