Career Paths

The study of comparative literature, like the study of all liberal arts, is designed to prepare students for a broad range of careers as well as continued study in graduate school and professional programs. 

Comparative Literature majors hone their skills in oral and written communication, gain an understanding of other societies and cultures, and learn to analyze issues critically. A degree in Comparative Literature prepares graduates for careers that require familiarity with multicultural perspectives, in fields such as education, journalism, business, law and diplomacy, and travel and tourism. Our recent graduates have chosen diverse paths as teachers and scholars, journalists, lawyers, librarians, literary or film critics, consultants, public relations specialists, and translators.

Students interested in teaching and research at the university level should plan to complete a doctoral degree. If you are interested in doing so make sure you study at least two languages (other than English), as graduate programs require a command of two languages and often, of one classical language.

Students who want to teach at the community college level should pursue graduate work at least through the Master of Arts degree.

Teaching at the high school level requires the California single-subject teaching credential. Students considering a high school teaching career should discuss their plans with the credential advisor in UCSB’s Graduate School of Education early in their academic career.

For more options, make sure to take advantage of the services provided by UCSB Career services: Career Services