Forms & Travel


  1. Study Plan, with all requirements, MA to PhD: Please make sure you fill out the form as you progress toward your degree; bring the updated form to your advising session every quarter. From the download area below, choose either the MA/PhD form (excel format) or the PhD one (excel format), according to your status.
  2. Quarterly Planning and Progress Check: Bring this form to your quarterly advising sessions in fall and winter. Comparative Literature Proposed Class Schedule and Progress Check  
  3. Annual Review Form: Please download the document according to your status as pre-ABD or ABD students.
  4. Field Examinations Forms: The reading list and abstract form need to be completed and signed by all committee members, as well as the Chair or DGS at the beginning of the quarter during which you will take the examination.
  5. Independent study: Please download and fill out this form when you wish to do an independent study (Comparative Literature 596) instead of a seminar, and you wish to complete it for a letter grade. This is only possible under exceptional circumstances.

Intercampus Exchange Program for Graduate Students

  • Applicants must have completed at least one academic year (three quarters) of residence at UCSB and be in good academic standing.

  • Graduate students seeking to take classes in their major or language courses or use facilities not available at UCSB, or study with a professor at another UC campus can apply for the IEPGS program.
  • To get the form, please click on the link for the IEPGS Application in the download area.

Travel Grants and Other Professional Support

There are various sources of funding for professional expenses.

  1. Students advanced to candidacy who present at a conference may apply for a travel grant from the Graduate Division via the Academic Senate. Graduate students may receive only one Graduate Student Travel Grant during the course of their graduate studies at UCSB. Read more at:
  2. You may also apply for departmental funding. Please download and fill out the form in the area to the right prior to your travel and at least 21 days before the conference. Submit it to the Chair (or Vice Chair) for signature, along with:
    1. The abstract of the paper
    2. A copy of the formal invitation to participate in the conference (or evidence of participation). After your travel, submit the signed form to the Financial Assistant (Phelps 5206C) along with the form entitled: “Travel Reimbursement Worksheet”, and the required supporting documents.
  3. Support for interviewing purposes and other job-seeking expenses (Interfolio fees, etc.): students on the job-market may receive up to $1,000 funding. The award can only be given once. Use the same form as #2. 
  4. Students can also be funded by the Graduate Center for Literary Research, which awards travel grants to students giving papers at scholarly conferences.


Study Plan for MA/PhD program Study Plan for students entering at the doctoral level Comparative Literature 596
Annual Review Form, for pre-ABD students (MA/PhD) Dissertation Progress Report Annual Review Form, Doctoral Candidates (ABD)
IEPGS Application Application for Travel to conference or MLA Funding Travel Reimbursement Worksheet