Eric Prieto

French and Italian
Vice Chair & Graduate Advisor


Prof. Prieto focuses primarily on the contemporary period. His areas of interest include music and literature, French and Francophone literature, Caribbean studies, postcolonial studies, space/place studies, geocriticism, the environmental humanities, and Beckett studies. He is the author of Listening In: Music, Mind, and the Modernist Narrative and of Literature, Geography, and the Postmodern Poetics of Place (Palgrave-Macmillan 2013). He edited a special section of Small Axe on “Rethinking Césaire" (Nov. 2015).  He wrote the chapter "Phenomenology, Place, and the Spatial Turn" for The Routledge Handbook of Literature and Space (2017). He contributed the entry on "Space" for the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature (Oxford UP, forthcoming), "Nelson Goodman: An analytic approach to music and literature studies"  and "Beckett, Music, and the Ineffable" to the Edinburgh Companion to Literature and Music (U of Edinburgh P, forthcoming).