Didier Maleuvre

French and Italian


Prof. Maleuvre's research foci include Western literature, art and ideas; aesthetic theory; philosophy.  His main publications are The Horizon: A History of our Infinite Longing (UC Press, 2011), which journeys through religion, philosophy, literature and art to show how our fascination with the outer reaches of life and knowledge is really the engine of civilization; The Religion of Reality: Inquiry into the Self, Art, And Transcendence (2006), a philosophic essay on the denial of transcendence in modern thought and, on the other hand, the vitality of the religious spirit in art;  Museum Memories: History, Technology, Art (1999), on museums and the philosophy of art in the modern period. His most recent books are: The Art of Civilization: A Bourgeois History (Palgrave McMillan, 2016) and The Legends of the Modern: A Reappraisal of Modernity from Shakespeare to the Age of Duchamp (Bloomsbury, 2019).