Jody Enders wins Lois Roth Translation Prize

Award Recipient: 

Jody Enders

Award Date: 

Friday, January 5, 2024
The Lois Roth Award recognizes Jody's unparalleled efforts in researching, compiling, editing, annotating, and translating medieval French farces into contemporary English. The MLA's selection committee praised her fearless adaptation for performance, complete with stage notes and accompaniment suggestions, bringing these works out of relative obscurity after more than seven centuries. The committee commended Jody's sardonic articulation of themes such as power, promiscuity, and abuse, finding resonance in the hashtag #ThemToo. Undaunted by significant translation challenges, Jody masterfully unites technical translation prowess, scholarly rigor, and guffaw-inducing creative humor, capturing the essence of these uncomfortably entertaining plays.
Photo Credit: Matt Perko, UCSB The Current