Comp Lit grad Student, Margarita Delchevae, Writes New Article

UCSB Comparative Literature graduate student, Margarita Delcheva, has recently posted a new article on UCSB's Open access website, escholarship: "The Original – 'Again'. Historical and Contemporary Strategies for Writing and Re/Constructing Dance."


Writing and dance have been positioned by scholars in a contraposed play throughout the chronological period from the Renaissance to today: dancing begins when writing stops. Scholars have accused dance of ephemerality and have attempted to salvage it through notation. In postmodern and contemporary dance, some choreographers challenge traditional assumptions about the primacy and stability of text and documentation. They ‘write’ with dance in both conceptual and alphabetic ways, some exploring the dimension of race. This study tests theories by Mark Franko and André Lepecki through analysis of dance reenactment strategies and interventions by choreographers Trisha Brown and Christopher-Rasheem McMillan.