affiliated faculty

Please note that this list is updated as new faculty are affiliated and is more current than the General Catalog listing.

Germanic and Slavic Studies

Main research interests include the many intersections of literature, science and technology in the Enlightenment, the Goethe era, Romanticism, and philosophy of nature. Prof. Holland has published Romanticism and Science: the Procreative Poetics of Goethe, Novalis and Ritter (2009), which considers the far-reaching discourse on procreation in Romantic poetics; and Key Texts of Johann Wilhelm Ritter (1776-1810) on the Science and Art of Nature (2010), a bilingual edition of Ritter's works.


Research interests: Asian-American literature, American modernism, twentieth-century American poetry. Prof. Huang is the author of  Transpacific Imaginations: History, Literature, Counterpoetics (2008), CRIBS (2005), Transpacific Displacement: Ethnography, Translation, and Intertextual Travel in Twentieth-Century American Literature (2002), and Shi: A Radical Reading of Chinese Poetry (1997), and the translator into Chinese of Ezra Pound's The Pisan Cantos. His new book is Charlie Chan: The Untold Story of the Honorable Detective and His Rendezvous with American History  (2010).

French and Italian

Prof. Jullien's focuses on nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature and culture, Proust studies, Borges studies, intertextuality and rewriting, travel narratives, representation of the artist in prose fiction, and East-West relations. She is the author of Proust et ses modèles: les Mille et une nuits et les Mémoires de Saint-Simon (1989);  Récits du Nouveau Monde. Les voyageurs français en Amérique de Chateaubriand à nos jours (1992); Les Amoureux de Schéhérazade. Variations modernes sur les Mille et une nuits (2009). [Scheherazade’s Lovers: Modern Variations on the Thousand and One Nights. She edited Foundational Texts of World Literature (2011).

Germanic and Slavic Studies

Prof. Kittler's interdisciplinary research and teaching interests include Western literature from Greek antiquity to the present, philosophy, art history, history of science, media technology and critical theory. He wrote several books on eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century literature, technology and art history, including: Der Turmbau zu Babel und das Schweigen der Sirenen. Über Das Reden, Das Schweigen, die Stimme und die Schrift in vier Texten von Franz Kafka (1985) and Die Geburt des Partisanen aus dem Geist der Poesie. Heinrich von Kleist und die Strategie der Befreiungskriege (1987). With G. Neumann, he co-edited Franz Kafka. Schriftverkehr (1990) and Franz Kafka. Drucke zu Lebzeiten. Kritische Kafka-Ausgabe, two volumes (1996).

Spanish and Portuguese

An award-winning translator, Professor Levine also works on Latin American literature, comparative literary studies, translation studies, literary theory. Her scholarly and critical works include her award-winning literary biography Manuel Puig and the Spider Woman (2000) and her book on the poetics of translation The Subversive Scribe: Translating Latin American Fiction (1991, 2009). Professor Levine's most recent translations are included in the five-volume Penguin Classics series of Jorge Luis Borges’s poetry and essays: she is the general editor of this series, & editor of the volume On Writing.