Welcome to Comparative Literature, World Literature, and Translation Studies at UC Santa Barbara.

Our Comparative and World Literature Program provides undergraduates with the opportunity to work closely with faculty in their fields of study. It offers graduate students extensive guidance and support in their teaching, research, and community engagement as they develop into successful professionals. Alumni from our graduate program have secured research/teaching positions or post-doctoral fellowships in humanities departments at Dartmouth, Harvard, Rutgers, CU Boulder, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Vanderbilt, Yale and at other outstanding colleges and universities. We also strive to prepare our students for alternative careers.

Our Comparative Literature Program and the Graduate Center for Literary Research are now affiliated with the Harvard Institute for World Literature, an international research program.
From the web site: "The Institute for World Literature has been created to explore the study of literature in a globalizing world. As we enter the twenty-first century, our understanding of 'world literature' has expanded beyond the classic canon of European masterpieces and entered a far-reaching inquiry into the variety of the world’s literary cultures and their distinctive reflections and refractions of the political, economic, and religious forces sweeping the globe." Please write to Professor Dominique Jullien, the Director of the Graduate Center for Literary Research at UC Santa Barbara, for more information.

Congratulations to Jeff Bellomi, Arpi Movsesian, Dustin Lovett, and Wendy Sun, from Comparative Literature, and Linshan Jiang, from East Asian Language and Cultural Studies, who will attend the Summer 2018 IWL Seminar in Tokyo.