affiliated faculty

Please note that this list is updated as new faculty are affiliated and is more current than the General Catalog listing.


Prof. Ghosh works and teaches on Global studies, postcolonial theory and media studies, gender/sexuality studies. Her first monograph, When Borne Across: Literary Cosmopolitics in the Contemporary Indian Novel (2004), addressed the dialectical relations between emerging global markets and literatures reflexively marked as “postcolonial,” while her second, Global Icons: Apertures to the Popular (2011), turned to visual popular culture as it constitutes the global. She is currently working on a book on the spectral life of the postcolonial in contemporary cinemas, The Unhomely Sense: The Spectral Cinema of Globalization.


Prof. Gunn's central interests include American literature; literary theory and criticism; American cultural and religious studies; global literature and culture; literature and religion; and literature and philosophy. He is the author of F.O. Matthiessen: The Critical Achievement (1975); The Interpretation of Otherness: Literature, Religion, and the American Imagination (1979); The Culture of Criticism and the Criticism of Culture (1987); Thinking Across the American Grain: Ideology, Intellect, and the New Pragmatism (1992). He is currently at work on a book on critical cosmopolitanism in an era of global absolutisms.


Prof. Gutiérrez-Jones's interests include American studies; Chicano studies; contemporary fiction; critical race studies and the culture of human rights. He is the author of Critical Race Narratives: A Study of Race, Rhetoric, and Injury (2001), Rethinking the Borderlands: Between Chicano Narrative and Legal Discourse (1995), as well as numerous articles on literature, film, legal studies and cultural theory. He is currently at work on a book that examines the literature of human rights.

Religious Studies

Research interests: History of religions, Judaic studies. Books include: The Bodies of Nations: A Comparative Study of Religious Violence in Jerusalem and Ayodhya" with Roger Friedland (History of Religions, 1998); Changing Places: Jerusalem's Holy Places in Comparative Perspective with Roger Friedland (Israel Affairs, 1999); To Rule Jerusalem with Roger Friedland (2nd Revised Edition, 2000); Sacred Urbanism: Jerusalem’s Sacrality, Urban Sociology, and the History of Religions with Roger Friedland (2007).

Chican@ Studies

Main research interests: Twentieth-century American literature and Cultural Studies, Chicana/o and Latina/o literature and cultural production, Gay/Lesbian studies and Queer Theory, Comparative Sexualities: U.S. Pan-Latina/o formations. Main publications: Postnationalism: The Emergence of Chicana/o Transnational Culture (2009).