affiliated faculty

Please note that this list is updated as new faculty are affiliated and is more current than the General Catalog listing.

Theatre & Dance

Professor Cabranes-Grant has a joint appointment in the Departments of Theatre and Dance, and of Spanish and Portuguese. His research interests include Spanish, Caribbean and Latin-American drama and theatre history,  Intercultural Studies, “minority” theatre.  His publications include Los usos de la repetición en la obra de Lope de Vega (Pliegos, 2004). Professor Cabranes-Grant is currently writing a book about the links between theories of mediation and intercultural experiences (Interscapes. Performing the Intercultural from Shakespeare to Walcott). He is also a director and a playwright whose works have been produced and stage read in Puerto Rico, Boston, and Santa Barbara.


Julie Carlson is a scholar of British Romantic-era texts and culture and the author of In the Theatre of Romanticism: Coleridge, Nationalism, Women (1994), Domestic/Tragedy (a special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly, 1997), England's First Family of Writers: Mary Wollstonecraft, William Godwin, Mary Shelley (2007), and, with Elisabeth Weber, co-editor of Speaking about Torture (Fordham UP, 2012). She is a founding member of the concentration, Literature and the Mind, in the Department of English.

Religious Studies

Areas of research and teaching include religion and modern philosophy (especially German idealism, phenomenology, hermeneutics, and deconstruction); the history of Christian thought and culture (with special interest in the traditions of mystical and negative theology, as well as relations between theology and the emergence of modern science and politics); and religion, modernity, and post-modernity (with special interest in secularization, religion and politics, and the religious dimensions of technological culture). Main publications: The Indiscrete Image: Infinitude and Creation of the Human (2008);  Indiscretion: Finitude and the Naming of God (1999).

History of Art and Architecture

Swati Chattopadhyay is an architect and architectural historian specializing in modern architecture and urbanism, and the cultural landscape of British colonialism. She is interested in the ties between colonialism and modernism, and in the spatial aspects of race, gender, and ethnicity in modern cities that are capable of enriching post-colonial and critical theory.  She is the current editor of the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (JSAH).  She is the author of Representing Calcutta: Modernity, Nationalism, and the Colonial Uncanny (Routledge, 2005; paperback 2006), and Unlearning the City: Infrastructure in a New Optical Field (Minnesota, 2012). Her current work includes a new book project, "Nature's Infrastructure," dealing with the infrastructural transformation of the Gangetic Plains between the 17th and 19th centuries.

Spanish and Portuguese

Research interests: Literature and the culture of the Spanish Golden Age, Colonial and Medieval studies. He has published Gracián y la imaginación arquitectónica, Experiencia y representación en el Siglo de Oro, the anthology Barroco esencial, two surveys about Golden Age poetry, a study and critical edition of caldeón de la Barca´s Amar después de la muerte. He also has in press a critical edition of Lope de Vega’s El poder vencido.