affiliated faculty

Please note that this list is updated as new faculty are affiliated and is more current than the General Catalog listing.

English, & Advisory Board, Translation Studies

Dr. Sowon S Park specializes in British Modernism, Political Fiction, World Literature, and the relationship between Literature and other forms of knowledge, in particular Cognitive Neuroscience. Her latest publication is "'Dear Leader! Big Brother! : On Transparency and Emotional Policing." Policing Literary Theory  eds. Mihailescu and Yokota-Murakami (Brill, 2018). Her academic writing has appeared in The Review of English Studies, MLQ, ELT, European Review, Arcadia, The Journal of World Literature, Comparative Critical Studies and others.

Spanish and Portuguese

Research foci: Mexican and Spanish-American literature. Prof. Poot-Herrera is the author of Un giro en espiral. El proyecto literario de Juan José Arreola (1992 and Los guardaditos de Sor Juana (1999); editor and coauthor of Y diversa de mí mísma entre vuestras plumas ando. Homenaje internacional a Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1993); of Sor Juana y su mundo. Una mirada actual (1995); editor and co-author of El cuento mexicano. Homenaje a Luis Leal (1996); of En gustos se comen géneros. Congreso Internacional Comida y Literatura (3 vols.; 2003).

French and Italian

Prof. Prieto focuses primarily on the contemporary period. His areas of interest include music and literature, French and Francophone literature, postcolonial studies, spatial studies, and Beckett. He is the author of Listening In: Music, Mind, and the Modernist Narrative and of Literature, Geography, and the Postmodern Poetics of Place (Palgrave-Macmillan 2013).


Prof. Raley is the Director of the Transcriptions Center for digital humanities/new media research. She is also affiliated with Film and Media Studies, and Global Studies. Her most recent publications include Tactical Media (2009) and articles on locative and mobile media, text-based media arts installations, digital poetics, and dataveillance. Her research also investigates relations between language and information technologies and she has published on Global English, codework, and machine translation. She works on 20th-21st century-literature in English, and on Discourses on globalization, finance capital, Empire, biopolitics, security, and Netwar.


Swati Rana specializes in twentieth-century American literature, comparative ethnic literature, and transnational American studies. Her research focuses on the relationship between literary and social forms, exploring how ethnic literature represents the complexities of minority identity and how ethnic writers creatively negotiate and refigure pressing social questions. She teaches undergraduate courses on diasporic literature, the idea of America, immigrant autobiography, model minority myths, and postracial discourse. Her graduate courses examine new paradigms in comparative ethnic literary studies as well as articulations of race and form within postcolonial and transnational frameworks. Her research has appeared in American Literary History and American Literature. She is currently working on a book project that presents a comparative study of problem characters in early twentieth-century U.S. ethnic literature.