Translation Studies Minor

Minor in Translation Studies

The Undergraduate Minor in Translation Studies aims to provide students with an opportunity to learn about the histories, theories, and practices of translation, through a core course on literary translation taught in the Comparative Literature Program and related courses selected from different departments in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

First, the Minor in Translation Studies is intended for students who would like to build on UCSB’s language requirement and explore translation between languages in order to enrich and develop their linguistic abilities as writers, readers and thinkers within trans-cultural contexts.
Second, the Minor in Translation Studies aims to provide undergraduates with the opportunity to pursue a translation specialization, which will prepare them for a rewarding career as a translator, an academic, or a cross-cultural communications specialist.[1]
Third, the Minor requirements allow students to examine translation as an interaction between cultures, media, discourses, and disciplines.

The need is urgent for students who have honed reading, writing, and language skills via translation. Opportunities await students in fields such as literary translation and publishing, government, diplomacy, business, law, software development and language services.

Learning objectives of the Minor in Translation Studies

  1. To stimulate critical reflection and creative research on translation;
  2. To encourage students to pursue various translation practices, including literary translation;
  3. To make translation more tangible and relevant to students in their courses, their communities, and the world at large.

Minor Requirement Sheet

Please download our Minor Requirement Sheet (PDF) from the download area below.


[1] The Minor is not enough to certify students as professional translators or interpreters; yet it will prepare students to pursue such certification or professional credentials in graduate schools and will also present students with a wide range of career opportunities related to translation.