3. Getting Started

3.1. The Graduate Division

Located on the 3rd floor of Cheadle Hall, the Graduate Division is the University’s office for graduate affairs. It monitors admissions, fellowships, degree checks, and graduate student employment.The Interim Anne and Michael Towbes Graduate Dean is Professor Leila Rupp, a professor of Feminist Studies.

3.2. Establishing California Residency

If you are a US citizen or permanent resident, but not a California resident, you need to take steps immediately upon your arrival at UCSB to establish California residency. If you do so, by your second year of enrollment you should not be liable for the nonresident tuition fees. These steps include registering to vote here, opening a bank account, obtaining a California driver’s license, and registering your car in California.

3.3. The Quarter System

UCSB is on the quarter system; each quarter is 10 weeks long, followed by a week of final exams. Fall quarter runs from late September to mid-December. Winter Quarter runs from the 1st week of January through the 3rd week of March. Spring Quarter runs from late March to mid-June. Winter break is three weeks, Spring break is one week. Details of the academic calendar are available on the web site of the Office of the Registrar:

3.4. Registering for Classes

New students will register for classes after meeting with the Faculty Graduate Advisor during Orientation Week. Continuing students will register for classes during the 5th week of the previous quarter. The Faculty Graduate Advisor will set up appointments to confer with you before you register on GOLD.

You should register for at least 12 units per quarter. Consult the website of the Office of the Registrar for specific deadlines, including the deadline for adding classes.

Note for TAs: If you are a TA, you must register for Comparative Literature 591 (TA Practicum) each quarter. The Practicum counts for four units. The 4-unit TA practicum course is applied to the quarterly 12-unit enrollment requirement, although it cannot be used to satisfy degree requirements.

3.5. Transfer of Units (rare)

According to UC policy, students entering our program who began, but did not complete, a graduate program at an accredited college other than a branch of UC, may transfer up to 8 units of credit for graduate Comparative Literature courses completed with a grade of B or better. The units must not have been used toward completion of a degree at the previous institution attended, and must have been earned while registered in a graduate program. Up to 12 quarter-units from another UC campus may be transferred to UCSB, under the same terms.

Such units will be treated as Pass/No Pass, and will not be counted in calculating the GPA. Students seeking transfer of credit must complete at least one quarter of registration before they can transfer units; students must submit a Graduate Student Petition ($20) which must be approved by the Faculty Graduate Advisor before it goes to Graduate Division for review.

3.6 Housing

For housing information, please see www.housing.ucsb.edu