16. Adding an Emphasis

In designing their program of study at UCSB, our PhD students are encouraged to select a sub-field that intersects with and reinforces their three areas of study within the discipline. Adding an emphasis will make students even more attractive candidates in the current academic marketplace, where interdisciplinarity and flexibility are considered especially desirable traits. Students can add up to three emphases.

There are currently six emphases available to doctoral students. Check our web site for updated information regarding the availability of these emphases.

The Doctoral Emphasis in Applied Linguistics:

The Doctoral Emphasis in European Medieval Studies:

The Doctoral Emphasis in Feminist Studies: www.femst.ucsb.edu/graduate/doctoral-emphasis

The Doctoral Emphasis in Global Studies: www.global.ucsb.edu/phd/emphasis

The Doctoral Emphasis in Translation Studies: translationstudies.complit.ucsb.edu/emphasis      

The Doctoral Emphasis in Writing Studies:

Please check early with the Faculty Graduate Advisor about addding any of the above emphases, so you can coordinate your field examinations and course work accordingly.