Financial Support & Employment

We strive to support all our admitted and continuing students, depending on performance and excellence. A new Fellowship allows us to support even better international students and pay their full non-resident supplemental tuition (NRST) until they advance to candidacy (they start writing their dissertation, a period during which the NRST is waived for 9 quarters).

Candidates with distinguished scholarly records have received multi-year fellowship support packages that include funding for tuition and health insurance. Such support enables students—during the first year and alternate years subsequently—to concentrate all their effort and attention on course work, examinations and the completion of their dissertation.

Because teaching experience is an essential feature of our students' professional development, we also offer Teaching Assistantships to our all students on fellowships after their first year. Depending on departmental needs and their continued progress toward their degree objective and good standing, the period of employment may be extended.

Qualified advanced students who did not receive central fellowships upon their admission may be nominated for continuing fellowships, most part of the time once they have advanced to candidacy. These awards are university-wide competitions for dissertation-year fellowships. We also encourage our graduate students to enter competitions for prestigious extramural fellowships. Our Graduate Division is most helpful in that regard and organizes regular workshops to help candidates with their applications.

Our entering and continuing students are also offered Teaching Assistantships in our program or in appropriate programs on our campus, such as the Writing Program, Black Studies, Chicana/Chicano Studies, English, Feminist Studies, or any of the national language departments. Provided that a solid academic standing is maintained and teaching performance is satisfactory, employment will be renewed, with some time limitations. Students cannot hold up to 18 quarters of employment as TA).

If you are interested in our program, please contact our Graduate Program Assistant, as you may take advantage of early visits to our campus, which include participation in graduate seminars, meetings with faculty and graduate students, and tour of our campus. We will be pleased to organize meetings with any faculty members you would like to meet. 

Students who are nominated for central fellowships will be invited to an open house prior to the deadline for their graduate school decision.

Time-sensitive Reminders

In order to be eligible for fellowships, incoming students must complete their online application by December 17; all supplemental materials must also be received by December 17.

Official TOEFL scores (for non-native speakers of English) should be sent to the Graduate Division by January 1. UCSB's institution code is 4835, and the department code should be left blank.

Notification of financial awards will be sent out in late February or early March.