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Join us at 4:00pm  in the University Center, the Santa Barbara Harbor Room, and meet current faculty members and students as we discuss the exciting new opportunities in the Comparative Literature program: Education Abroad study, mentoring program, Undergraduate Conference, Language Honors Society, Comparative Literature Society, career planning and more!

You are invited to the conference, all events and reception of "On the Beach",  co-sponsored by the English Department's Concentration in Literature and the Mind and the BABEL Working Group.

Join Earl Perez-Foust and Jeffrey Bellomi for the Teaching in Comparative Literature Workshop, starting at 11:00am.

Join us at 4:00pm in the McCune Conference room of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center.  Co-organized with French & Italian, and Germanic & Slavic Studies.

Marzia Milazzo (PhD, S2012; Assistant Professor of English, Vanderbilt University) held this year's job-market workshop. Sponsored by an Alumni-related Career Events Grant from UCSB's Graduate Division.