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Join Earl Perez-Foust and Jeffrey Bellomi for the Teaching in Comparative Literature Workshop, starting at 11:00am.

Join us at 4:00pm in the McCune Conference room of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center.  Co-organized with French & Italian, and Germanic & Slavic Studies.

Marzia Milazzo (PhD, S2012; Assistant Professor of English, Vanderbilt University) held this year's job-market workshop. Sponsored by an Alumni-related Career Events Grant from UCSB's Graduate Division.

Jeffrey Bellomi and Earl Foust, co-Lead Teaching Assistants for 2014-15, support our Teaching Assistants and Faculty in their pedagogical mission and enhance our contribution to the General Education program.

Check all May events: The WIndrush Roundtable (May 19-20), the GCLR Graduate Conference (May 22), and the Césaire Symposium (May 30). Check the GCLR website.