"Mediating the NonHuman", March 15-16, Conference & Research Slam

Transcriptions Center, English Department, 2635 South Hall.

Mediating the Non-Human

Department of English
Transcriptions Center
15-16 March 2013
2635 South Hall

FRI 1:00pm: Film
Michael North (UCLA): The Cameraman’s Revenge: Starewicz and Scientific Imaging
Mark Goble (UCB): How the West Slows Down
Scott Selisker: “Stutter-Stop Flash-Bulb Strange": The Windup Girl and the Aesthetics of Genetic Modification

Katie Kelp-Stebbins: Monsters Before the Cannibal Eye: Situated Knowledges and Hybrid Comics
Elizabeth Shayne: Digital Monsters: Frankenstein on the iPad
Claire Ihlendorf: Twitterizing La Tumba
A.J. Patrick Liszkiewicz: Museum of the Microstar
Zach Horton: SWERVE

FRI 4:30pm: Keynote
N. Katherine Hayles (Duke): Autonomous Algorithms and Flash Crashes: The Role of the Nonhuman in Finance Capital
Rita Raley, respondent

SAT 9:00am: Mediation
Jeremy Douglass and Zach Horton: Macro / Micro / Reading
Dana Solomon: Load Data: Data Visualization as Data Mediation
Sarah Townsend: Animism, Agency, and Aztec Gods: Radiophonic Pedagogy in 1930s Mexico

SAT 11:00am: Systems
David Golumbia (VCU): Robert Rosen and the Unfinished Deconstruction of Mechanism
Nathan Brown (UCD): The Technics of Prehension: On the Photography of Nicolas Baer
James Pulizzi: Simulated Universes and the End of History

SAT 1:30pm: Robots
Ayhan Aytes (UCSD): Intelligent Machines: On the Boundary Between the Human and the Nonhuman
Jennifer S. Rhee (VCU): Drones: Narratives and Counternarratives


date of event: 

Friday, March 15, 2013 - 13:00


South Hall 2635