5. Exchange Programs & Other Opportunities

In cooperation with other departments, the program offers the possibility of spending the year abroad as an exchange student and/or lecturer. For example students can spend a year in Paris and serve as a Lecturer in English at the University of Paris-8. There are also opportunities to apply for a residency fellowship at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. See the Faculty Graduate Advisor or the Graduate Program Assistant for further information.

Participants in the exchange programs are responsible for their own housing and health insurance, and will receive advice from returning exchange students.

You must fill out a petition for an official Registration in Absentia (see above 4.4), and your year spent in this program IS counted in "normative time," as well as in the university's time limits for completion of the doctoral degrees (6-7 years respectively). For more information, see 6.2, Normative Time.

If you are carrying student loans you should check with your lending institution. You may have to be continuously registered, which is not the case with the Leave of Absence, but maybe with a registration In Absentia. The student loan authorities do recognize some institutions such as the Sorbonne and Paris-8 as qualifying institutions; if you are registered there while in Paris, you will not be expected to start repaying loans. The Program and the Graduate Division will be happy to write letters to your bank, on request. With In Absentia Registration, you are still registered at UCSB, but pay slightly lower fees.

In the summer, you may benefit from summer language studies. Our students have spent 6 to 8 weeks abroad studying Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and other languages. Summer language funding is offered on a competitive basis every year, after an application due in early January. All deadlines are posted at the Fall graduate meeting with all students, the Chair, Director of Graduate Studies and Graduate Program Assistant.

One of the characteristics of our program is that we put a strong emphasis on language preparation, which is a real advantage of the job market and represents a sound approach to our discipline.