13. Advancement to Candidacy

When required coursework, the three field exams, the presentation of the dissertation prospectus, and the second language requirement are successfully completed, the student is advanced to doctoral candidacy, effective the following quarter. This entails payment of the advancement to candidacy fee ($50 in 2014-15). Once advanced to candidacy, doctoral candidates are no longer obligated to take formal classes, but must register for 12 units of Comparative Literature 599: Dissertation and Research Preparation, or, if a TA, 8 units of 599 and 4 units of Comparative Literature 591 (TA Practicum) or the equivalent, for a total of 12 units. Students with co-Chairs should split the units between their co-Chairs. International students, once advanced to candidacy, have 3 years (9 quarters) of reduced nonresident tuition (100% reduction).1 They must finish their dissertations before this period expires; the Department will not pay NRST beyond that point.