Satisfying your foreign language & course load requirements

10. Satisfying your Foreign Language Requirement

Students are admitted into the program with a demonstrated proficiency in at least one foreign language; in exceptional and rare cases, students will be allowed to improve their first foreign language skills after entering our program.. As early as possible, they must also demonstrate proficiency in a second foreign language by taking an upper division course or graduate course where the readings are in the target language and earn at least a B+. Under certain circumstances they may take an exam that consists in translating a 450-word passage taken from a critical work or take the courses offered specifically for that purpose by certain departments (such as French 11A and 11B or German 1G and 2G) and earn at least a B+ in the last course of the series.

In exceptional cases and with the approval of the Graduate Faculty Advisor, a student may petition the Graduate Division to demonstrate competence in the second language after advancing to candidacy.

11. Satisfying your Course Load Requirements

11.1 Unit Requirement

Both MA and PhD graduate students must enroll in and complete 12 units per quarter. Students must enroll in at least two graduate level courses per quarter for letter grade until advanced to candidacy, except during their field exam quarters or during the quarter in which they are writing their dissertation prospectus, at which time they may enroll in graduate level courses and/or in independent studies on a P/NP basis.

11.2. Independent studies

In some circumstances and with the approval of the Faculty Graduate Advisor, 4 units of independent study courses (numbered 596-598) may be taken for letter grade during the quarters the student is not writing an exam or preparing the dissertation prospectus. Consult the Faculty Graduate Advisor about whether it is advisable to enroll in one of these courses in a particular quarter. Courses numbered 591, 597 and 598 may not be used towards meeting the minimum unit requirement for the MA degree. As for courses numbered 596, the maximum number of these units that may be counted toward the MA is 4 units. While the student is free to enroll in additional 596 units, none of the additional units will count toward fulfillment of University unit requirements for the MA degree.