Graduate Handbook

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1. Welcome

Welcome to the Comparative Literature Program! We hope that your time with us will be happy and productive and that it will prepare you for the career you desire. This handbook should serve as an on-going reference source during your time in our graduate program.

Our Program Chair and Faculty co-Graduate Advisor for fall 2018 and winter 2019 is Professor Catherine Nesci

Our Program Vice-Chair & Faculty co-Graduate Advisor is Professor Dominique Jullien; she will be Acting Chair in Spring 2019

The 2018-19  Director of the Graduate Center for Literary Research is Professor Dominique Jullien:

Our Student Services Manager is Carol Flores

Our Graduate Program Assistant is Thomas Huff

The list of our affiliated faculty is posted on our web site: If you wish to work with a Professor who is not yet listed with Comparative Literature, please inform the Program Chair as soon as possible.

1. 1. Useful Links

Please consult our departmental website regularly for information about courses, lectures, and other events as well as information about graduate studies and useful research links:

The Graduate Center for Literary Research awards three different types of funding to graduate students and holds regular events promoting interdisciplinary dialogue and encounters at various levels for faculty and graduate students:

The Interdisciplinary Humanities Center at UCSB is also a source of fellowships and supports various research groups, also promoting interdisciplinary dialogues and humanistic resarch:

Consult the Graduate Division web site for information about all graduate programs at UCSB and pertinent information for graduate life:

Also refer to UCSB's Graduate Handbook for all aspects of your graduate experience:

The General Catalog can be found at:

The Comparative Literature section of the catalogue is at: