Graduate Program

The Comparative Literature Program offers two closely linked graduate programs and three areas of concentration.

I. MA/PhD programs in Comparative Literature for students who have completed their BA Degrees in Comparative Literature, or English, or literary studies, and wish to pursue comparative studies of different literary traditions, use interdisciplinary methodologies, and develop a rigorous program of critical engagement with literature as a transnational phenomenon. Students can also study Comparative Literature with a French/Francophone emphasis, or Comparative Literature with a German emphasis.

All students admitted into the MA program are conditionally admitted into the PhD program as well. Continuation beyond the MA degree (a two-year program) is by invitation and contingent upon meeting academic standards of scholarship and excellence while completing the MA requirements. The MA/PhD is normally a seven-year program. Students who enter with an MA from another institution are expected to satisfy all the requirements for the PhD within four to six years (a duration of six years maximum). Comparative Literature PhD students intending to work primarily in French or German Studies may do so through the specializations in those fields. The Program also offers optional emphases in Feminist Studies, Global Studies, and Translation Studies.

II. A PhD program in Comparative Literature for those who come to UCSB with an MA from another institution. We also offer doctoral degrees in Comparative Literature with a French/Francophone emphasis, or Comparative Literature with a German emphasis.

Students pursue a course of study tailored to their specific academic interests and developed in close consultation with their advisors. The result is a graduate program imbued with intellectual vitality and diversity.

Graduate study in this program requires completion of graduate courses in Comparative Literature in addition to courses offered by various other departments and programs such as Art, Classics, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, English, Feminist Studies, Film and Media Studies, French and Italian, Germanic and Slavic Studies, Religious Studies, Spanish and Portuguese, and Theater and Dance. Graduate course work can also be done in related departments such as Anthropology, Black Studies, Global STudies, History of Art and Architecture, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Political Science and Sociology.

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