Letter to Applicants Concerning the Harvard IWL Summer Program

Dear All,

The application process for the Harvard IWL is now open. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis through 1 February 2018.

Please take a moment to study the Harvard IWL website and consider applying for the July 2018 session in Tokyo (note: the 2019 session will take place at Harvard and the 2020 session in Paris):


If you are interested in applying, please notify your decision as soon as possible to Prof. Cathy Nesci, the Chair of Comparative Literature (cnesci@frit.ucsb.edu) and to me, the Director of the Graduate Center for Literary Research (djullien@frit.ucsb.edu).


You will then need to put together a file including:

1)     an updated cv

2)     a writing sample

3)     a brief cover letter indicating your reasons for applying, interest in world literature and coursework done in world literature.


You will not need a recommendation letter. The materials will then need to be uploaded to the IWL website.

Criteria for selecting among applications are the candidate’s interest and accomplishments in literature in a global perspective (previous coursework, future projects, etc.), and seniority.

The GCLR and various UCSB Humanities departments and programs are in the process of trying to collect co-sponsorship, in the hope of forming fellowships to provide financial help on a competitive basis to the students selected to attend the session.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Dominique Jullien.