COMMA to Host the Southern Irish Studies Consortium Conference

Event Date: Friday, April 3 from 10:30-5:30

Two years ago at the UCSB SCISC Conference ‘Shifting Ground,’ the inheritance of post-colonial perspectives in the study of Irish modernism and postmodernism was discussed.  This past fall, at the SCISC Conf. at UCR, ‘Joyce and the Ecologies of Modernism,’ the focus was on Finnegans Wake and on new agendas for a post-post colonial Irish studies.  This conference develops this conversation further, to think how new theories—from the environmental humanities to food studies, from new theories of community to versions of the ‘new materialism’—mesh with post-colonial Irish studies. The Plenary Speaker, Prof. Andrew Gibson of the University of London, is well known for important work in both recent French theory, especially Badiou, and in Irish modernist criticism.

The conference is being held in South Hall 2635+2617.
This conference is sponsored by COMMA and co-sponsored by the GCLR. More information on the schedule is available in the link below.
James Joyce