Roundtables & Travel Grants


GCLR Travel Grants

GCLR awards travel grants to roundtable participants that subsequently present their workshop papers at a conference.

Recipients of GCLR travel grants for 2017-18: Eugenia Siegel Conte (Ethnomusicology), Q.Z. Lau (History), Sarah Lerner (Film and Media Studies), Mohammadreza Mirzaei (History of Art and Architecture)

Recipients of GCLR travel grants for 2016-17: Rachel Feldman (Comparative Literature), David Hur (Comparative Literature), Tegan Raleigh (Comparative Literature)

Recipients of GCLR travel grants for 2015-16: Nissa Cannon (English), Chloe Diamond-Lenow (Feminist Studies), Alston D'Silva (Film and Media Studies), Rachel Fabian (Film and Media Studies), Nathan Fredrickson (Religious Studies)

Recipients of GCLR travel grants for 2014-15: Earl Perez-Foust (Comparative Literature), Leah Fry (English), Zach Horton (English), Sharalyn Sanders (Comparative Literature), Rebecca Stewart (Comparative Literature)

Recipients of GCLR travel grants for 2013-14: Amber Rose González (Chicana and Chicano Studies), Michael Grafals (Comparative Literature), Roberta Wolfson (English)


Instructions to Receive Travel Grant

Students presenting a paper at the GCLR Roundtables can apply for a travel grant if their paper is later accepted to a major conference. The GCLR travel grant can be received only once. In order to qualify for a travel grant, students need to email the following documents to Dominique Jullien, the Director of the GCLR (

1) a cover letter addressed to Dominique Jullien indicating the conference venue, title of paper, and dates of travel

2) a copy of the official invitation to the conference

3) a copy of the student's travel expenses (e.g. an airplane ticket)

4) a copy of the GCLR Roundtable event where the student first presented the paper