Call for Papers

CFP for GCLR Graduate Conference: Cut ‘n’ Mixed

Friday, May 22 2015 (University of California, Santa Barbara)


The term “Cut ‘n’ Mixed” summons the image of a sound engineer mixing at an editing desk, or a DJ juggling samples together at a turntable or even the creative insurgent who scavenges the resources of culture to produce new forms that challenge and resist. “Cut ‘n’ Mixed” displaces conceptions of cultural production that affirm originality and authenticity, valorizing instead the remix, sampling, multiple versionings and other forms of rewriting. The broader theoretical implications of an aesthetics of turntablism, with its rhizomatic roots in the Jamaican sound system and U.S. urban culture, have yet to be engaged with fully. Issues of cultural hybridity, intellectual property, culture jamming, the politics of reappropriating found objects and the aesthetic and social implications of electronic dance music and hip hop all converge in the coordinates of “Cut ‘n’ Mixed.” “Cut ‘n’ Mixed” attempts to theorize connections between this paradigm and literary research, whether in terms of articulating narratives and methodologies that resonate with “cut ‘n’ mix” practices or investigations into distinct time-periods that practice a beta version of “cut ‘n’ mix,” from the oral traditions of Africa or Ancient Greece to the practice of détournement by the Situationist International and beyond. The conference is also interested in ways cuts, breaks, mixes and improvisation can be incorporated in performances and encourages both traditional academic presentations and presentations that have a performative component. Ultimately, the conference seeks to explore the concept of “cut ‘n’ mixed” as a hybrid, emerging form of textuality that can be applied to multiple mediums and contexts throughout time and space.


The Graduate Center for Literary Research promotes interdisciplinary dialogue throughout the humanities and encourages submissions from diverse disciplines. Panelist will have 15 minutes to present either a prepared paper or a performance. Please submit abstracts and proposals of 300 words to by May 1st, 2015. Please contact Michael Grafals in the aforementioned email if you have questions concerning topics and presentations.