Annual Conference





Fourth Annual Graduate Center for Literary Research Conference

Friday, May 12, 2017

University of California, Santa Barbara

State Street Room, UCen

4:30pm Keynote - Dr. Ashon Crawley


8:15am    Breakfast for participants

8:45am    Opening Remarks by John Majewski, Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts

9:00-10:15am     Panel One: “Bodies, Spaces, Sounds”

·          “Bodies as Creative Experience: Living Our Way Out of the Anthropocene,” Daniel Martini, UCSB

·         “Empty Echoes: Open Space and Cultural Loss in Estonian Choral Practice,” Eugenia Siegel Conte, UCSB

·         “The Exaggerated Realism of Footsteps in Anime,” Zeke Saber, University of Southern California

·         “Prohibition and Preservation: Women’s Voices in Ladino Song,” Simone Salmon, UCLA


10:30-11:45am Panel Two: “The Movement of Language and Affective Resonances”

·         “The Spatial Dynamic of Emily Dickinson's Lyricism: Poems from Fascicle Sixteen,” Christopher Forkin, San Jose Sate University

·         “George Herbert: The Anxiety of Faith,” Heidi Arndt, California Polytechnic State University, Pomona

·         “Excess Punctuation: Interpretive/Interruptive Resonances in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man,” Maite Urcaregui, UCSB.

·         “Of Men and Meter: Relationships of Sound and Subject in Wordsworth's Lyrical Ballads,” Laura B. Damone, Stanford University


Noon  Lunch for Participatns 


1:00-2:00pm       Panel Three: “Transformation, Translocation, Translation”

·         “Transforming Emotional Regime: Pai Hsien-yung’s Crystal Boys,” Linshan Jiang, UCSB

·         “The Royal Shakespeare Company's Snow in Midsummer: Performing the Ghost Across Time, Space, and Culture,” Jo Palazuelos-Krukowski, UCSB

·         “Resonances of Consilience Between Worldviews: An Information- and Translation-Theoretic Assessment of the Building Block Approach in Religious Studies,” Nathan Fredrickson, UCSB


2:00-3:00pm       Panel Four: “Black Poetics”

·         “Sonorous Nonsense and Poetic Possessions in Nicolás Guillén's Motivos de son,”  Christina García, UCR

·         “Sound at the Ends of World: Black Sublimity and the (im)possibility of hearing the ship,” Calvin Walds, UCSD

·         “As Reflective of Society: An Afrocentric Analysis of Literary Blackness in American Literature,” Alice Nicholas, Temple University


3:15-4:15pm       Panel Five: “Recognizing Other Wor(l)ds, Ya’ Feel?”

·         “'I take this more serious than just a poem:' Rap's Poetic Disidentifications,” Freddy Martinez, California State University, Long Beach

·         “Affective Battle: Israeli and Palestinian Hip-Hop,” Yulia Gilichinskaya, UCSC

·         “Partial Connections, Hauntologies, & Juxtapositions: Towards a DJ Methodology,” Robert Echeverria, UCD



4:30-5:30pm   Keynote Address:  "The Lonely Letters: On Mysticism and Blackpentecostal Sound"

Dr. Ashon Crawley

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and African American Studies

University of Virginia