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     The Graduate Center for Literary Research (GCLR) aims to enrich and enhance the experience of students and faculty involved in literary studies, by promoting interdisciplinary dialogue and encounters at various levels. The Center is directed by Dominique Jullien (Professor of French and Comparative Literature) with an advisory board consisting of both faculty members and graduate students from different humanities departments.

     Our activities currently include quarterly round tables, where students present their work in progress, and an annual interdisciplinary conference. The GCLR also co-sponsors a variety of literary lectures and conferences on the UCSB campus, and brings a distinguished visiting professor with broad interdisciplinary appeal, for an extended stay, to give a Graduate Literary Research lecture, teach a seminar and establish connections with our doctoral students.

     We award travel grants to students giving papers at literary conferences and recruitment fellowships for doctoral candidates pursuing interdisciplinary approaches to literature.


     In addition to the GCLR, the University of California, Santa Barbara offers a variety of resources that support diverse literary and interdisciplinary research interests. PhD students may opt to complete an emphasis in the following areas:

     Scholars engaged in literary and interdisciplinary research also participate in the following departments, programs, centers, and organizations:

The GCLR is sponsored by the Michael Douglas Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts, David Marshall and administered by the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center.

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The GCLR is searching for a Student Coordinator for the academic year 2017-18. The Student Coordinator will organize quarterly roundtables, put together the yearly conference, assist with the guest professor's visit, keep the website updated, and generally be the liaison between faculty and student GCLR members from the various departments and programs involved in the GCLR. Interested candidates should contact Wolf Kittler and Dominique Jullien directly, by May 1st.

The GCLR will host its 4th annual conference, "Resonance," on Friday, May 12, 2016. For more on the conference or submitting an abstract, please visit the Annual Conference tab.